Landholder Collaboration for Landscape-scale Conservation and Production

The aim of this site is to generate discussion around ways in which landholder collaboration can be enhanced on issues that cut across property boundaries and combine conservation and production objectives. It will provide outputs from a 2-year project funded by the NSW Environmental Trust and other resources  for landholders interested in increasing their level of collaboration. You can also follow us on Facebook.

While landholders generally focus on land management at the property scale, many environmental issues cut across property boundaries, including biodiversity conservation, management of riparian areas, weed and pest management and water quality. Cross-property collaboration could increase the viability of a range of enterprise options, including ecotourism, agroforestry, wind farms, biobanking, carbon farming and kangaroo management.

Landcare has successfully promoted collaboration, but new models are needed that can integrate commercial and conservation opportunities and link actions strategically across the landscape.

This project aims to develop models for collaboration amongst landholders to be tailored to the issues they wish to collaborate on and the appropriate level of collaboration. One such option is a Landscape Corporation that could undertake strategic planning, invest in profitable ventures and apply for grants for environmental projects. Beneath this would be other models forming a “ladder” of increasing collaboration, from Landcare groups (neighbour partnerships/networks) to alliances, associations and cooperatives.

We’ll keep you posted as results emerge from our reviews of successful collaboration examples and from the trials we’ll be undertaking in the Central Tablelands and Central West of New South Wales, Australia, from 2016 to 2018.

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