K2W Gliders monitoring workshop, Cowra – MONDAY AUGUST 7 

Click here to read more about this event and RSVP today to secure your spot – all welcome!

This workshop will cover:
 How to identify and monitor gliders on your property
 How to improve glider habitat and corridors
 Why working together for glider conservation is beneficial
 How to upload the information onto an online collaborative tool
 How to use this data to make more informed land management decisions


Workshop Background: Trialling an Online Collaboration Tool for Landholders
  • Are you part of a group interested in conservation or sustainable production?
  • Would you like to use map-based information to help you plan collaborative activities?
  • Do you want to achieve landscape-scale change?

What is the online tool?

We are giving the NSW Landcare Gateway program a make-over to become more user-friendly and useful for local communities. The tool will help groups communicate, plan and make decisions for a range of coordinated activities, including revegetation corridors, pest and weed management, goat and kangaroo harvesting, shared branding and ecotourism.

Functions of the tool include:
 Uploading point- and area-specific data
 Sharing information within a private group
 Viewing activities of other local groups
 Accessing GIS info in one location
 Simple interface for slow Internet speeds
 Use on your computer, phone or tablet

How can you participate?
Participation involves attending a local workshop with your group in August to learn more about how to use the online tool and how it can benefit you and the group in particular. You will then be requested to pilot-test the tool, including adding monitoring data and information of interest, over the following 3-4 months. Finally, there will be a follow-up workshop at the end of the year, giving you an opportunity to provide feedback and talk with invited professional experts about where your group can go from there.

If you are not part of a group but would still like to be involved in the trial, please contact us.

Who are we?
We are a team of researchers from the University of New South Wales, University of Sydney, and University of Technology, Sydney. These workshops are part of the second stage of the research project funded by the NSW Environmental Trust, in partnership with Landcare NSW (and Watershed, Hovells Creek and Little River Landcare), Local Land Services (Central West, Central Tablelands and Greater Sydney), Great Eastern Ranges Initiative and Stipa Native Grasses Association.

For more information, please contact:
Emily Berry (e.berry@unsw.edu.au; 0432 174 850)
Alex Baumber (alex.baumber@uts.edu.au; 02 9514 4671)

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