Research published from landholder collaboration project – free download for limited time only!

Some of the research findings from the landholder collaboration project have just been published in the Journal of Environmental Management. You can download a copy of the research paper here – but hurry as it goes behind a paywall after 50 days. Even if you’re not sure you’ll read it now, it may be worth downloading it now so you have it as a resource to draw on in the future.

The article explores the development of an online tool for landholder collaboration, including the interviews and surveys undertaken across the Watershed and Hovells Creek areas to help identify important design features. The outcome of this work was the development of new features for the NSW Landcare Gateway, which we have been trialling over the past six months.

Some key highlights of the paper include:

  • Internet access: This clearly emerged as a major barrier to greater use of online tools for collaboration, especially in the Hovell’s Creek area.
  • Types of data to share: The survey results showed that didn’t want a “mapping” tool or a “citizen science” tool or a “social media” tool, but rather wanted a tool that could do all of these things and could be adapted by local communities to suit their needs.
  • Sharing settings: The survey highlighted that you wanted to be able to choose who your data was shared with, so that you could make it private (only you), group (shared to other members of a Landcare or other group) or public (visible to everyone). This feature is lacking from many online mapping and sharing tools but has now been incorporated into the Landcare Gateway based on your input.
  • Your words: The published paper includes some choice quotes from interview participants explaining in their own words what they would like to see in an online tool for collaborating on local production and conservation issues.


Thanks to everyone who participated in the research for making this possible!

sample graph.png

Sample graph of results from published paper

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