Landcare Gateway Trial – user guide

Landcare NSW has partnered with three NSW universities (Sydney, UNSW and UTS) and the Central Tablelands Local Land Services to develop and trial a new collaborative online space within the NSW Landcare Gateway website.

This online group space has been developed in consultation with local Landcare and other groups across the Central Tablelands. It is designed to enable local groups to:

  • Share monitoring and other data they have collected around local issues such as wildlife movements, revegetation, weeds, pests, fire and grazing management
  • Share case studies and photos from monitoring and management activities in their area
  • Link monitoring and management activities to specific locations on a group map to highlight local patterns and assist planning
  • View relevant spatial information for their local area, such as ranges of threatened species, climate data and priority hotspots for revegetation activities, soil protection and weed management
  • Share relevant reports, guides and other resources
  • Choose how each type of data is shared – i.e. private (only visible to the person who added it), group (visible to anyone in the group) and public (visible to non-members visiting the group’s page)

The Landcare Gateway also underwent a substantial overhaul in November 2017 to improve the general look and feel of the site and to add new functions.

Each link below provides instructions on how to perform specific tasks within the revamped Landcare Gateway. General help can also be found here and a series of videos on the changes made to the Gateway in November 2017 can be found here.

If you require any assistance with the use of the Gateway’s group collaboration functions during this pilot project, the simplest way to get this help is to email Alex Baumber

Any feedback on the online tool is also welcome, including problems you may have encountered and suggestions for improvement. Participants in the trial will be surveyed in late 2017 to assess their overall experience with the site.

A general introduction to the NSW Landcare Gateway is provided in the video below, with more specific help available by clicking on the links above.